Key Fobs

The Smart Choice for Smart Keys

It used to be that losing your car key would only set you back a couple of dollars. But now that vehicle keys have become high-tech, a dealership can easily charge over $500 for a replacement.

Fortunately, Siouxland drivers don’t need overpriced dealerships to replace their vehicles’ smart keys. They only need the fast and affordable service of Anytime Lock & Key!

Key Fobs

Has your electronic key fob become damaged, lost or otherwise inaccessible? We’ll cut and program a new key fob that will work just as reliably as the one you got from the factory. You’ll save hundreds of dollars, not to mention plenty of time because our experienced locksmiths work fast!


Vehicle anti theft system (VATS) keys were introduced to add extra security before cars began including high-level computers. VATS keys look normal with the exception of their embedded resistors, which makes them impossible to replace through traditional means. If you have lost your VATS key, then you need only ask us for a replacement!

Transponder Keys

Also known as chipped keys, transponder keys include radio frequency identification (RFID) chips for added security. Each transponder key is unique to the car it’s designed to start – without it, the vehicle’s immobilizer system will do its job. If you have lost your transponder key, don’t you fret. We can cut and program a new one for you ASAP!

Contact Anytime Lock & Key today for replacement key fobs and more!