Security Equipment

Keeping You Safe in Siouxland

Locks and keys were invented to serve a simple purpose: Keeping unwelcome parties away from valuable stuff and vulnerable people. But simple locks and keys are often not enough to do so important a job on their own. That’s why the career locksmiths of Anytime Lock & Key also specialize in security systems!

Whether you’d like a simple security system to protect your garage against vandals and burglars or advanced enough to give Fort Knox a run for its money, we supply, install and service all the security equipment you need, including:

    • Desk, file cabinet and tool cabinet locks
    • Electric door strikes
    • Master key systems
    • High security locks
    • Safes and vaults
    • Alarm systems
    • Security doors
    • Keypad locks
    • Deadbolts
    • Door bars
    • And more!

    Anytime Lock & Key stands for much more than just locks and keys. Our technicians also install, program and service a wide range of security and surveillance equipment, including state-of-the-art cameras and monitors. Our client may ask us to install a single camera outside of their home’s front door, or an extensive network of cameras that surveil their entire complex. Our reliable and easy-to-use surveillance systems are perfect for properties of all sizes!

    Residential Security

    Your home is your castle – and the king or queen never receives unwelcome guests. Whether you would just like to make certain your front door is as secure as can be, or you have decided to keep your family safe with a high-quality all encompassing security system, our seasoned experts are standing by to help keep your perimeter secure!

    Commercial Security

    Anytime Lock & Key proudly serves Siouxland business owners no matter their line of work. Whether you would like to make your retail shop inaccessible in your absence or batten down a sprawling industrial complex, we offer our industry’s leading security and surveillance products for competitive prices. Your livelihood deserves no less!

    Automotive Security

    Is your car alarm no longer doing its job? Or worse – is it doing its job a little too well, and now begins to sound off randomly at all hours of the day? Don’t let your valuable vehicle remain at risk. Anytime Lock & Key provides the automotive security services you need to protect your investment without annoying your neighbors!

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